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"The Rescuers" Cover Story
May 2015 Issue


The "Tiffany Rubin Story" FOX NEWS - U.S. Mom Rescues Kidnapped Son in South Korea...accompanied by Bazzel Baz, Chief Executive Officer of the Association for the Recovery of Children


BAZ VIDEO INTERVIEW - SAVING INNOCENCE AWARDS GALA. Bazzel Baz receives the "Humanitarian Hero of the Year" 2016 Award at Saving Innocence Gala, Beverly Hills, CA.


FORMER CIA SPECIAL OPS man uses skills to recover lost kids. God Reports


VIDEO EPISODE - Hanson/Sykes. A young girl, Shannon Sykes, rescued by ARC is reunited with her mother.


Greenwich mother recounts tale of despair, escape


For the sake of the confidentiality and safety of our survivors, a significant number of testimonials are excluded from the public. We are gratefully able to share the following.

Rescue of Shannon Sykes

Some people say the best day of their life was their wedding day or the birth of their children. Those were great days for me as well, but if I was to choose the absolute best day of my life it would have to be December 4, 2003. Thursday, December 4, 2003 was the day I was reunited with my abducted daughter. I 100% believe that without ARC I would still not have my Shannon back. ARC gave me my life back, and my reason for living.

from: Mandalyn Hanson

Rescue of Ashley Ricks

If the time comes when we need to physically go in and get the child we will work with the best organization available. The Association for the Recovery of Children (ARC) is a non-profit organization dedicated to the recovery of missing or exploited children, foreign and domestic. ARC has a 100% success great. It is also the group that helped me retrieve my daughter from the Philippines. The planning for the extracting took about nine-months, but ultimately we were successful. Rest assured you will have the best group working for you if this route does need to be taken. The ARC did not charge me any money, but I did have to cover my own expenses. The S.A.F.E Home will help cover the cost for the extraction of the situation comes down to that point.

from: Anthony Ricks

Nick, father of James (2017 rescue)

I want to take a moment to thank you all for everything that you have done to reunite me with my son and save his future. If you had not done what you had done, the chances of me ever seeing my son again were unlikely. And the possibility of a bright future for him slim. I said to Baz earlier, I can not really find the words to express the depth of my gratitude and emotion I feel in this matter.

I hope that someday, I can be of similar service to another as you have been to my son. I also hope that at some point in the future when he is older he remembers the heroes that changed his life of the better.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart and soul. N


Willow Bradfute Rescue

Hello, my name is Willow Bradfute. I am 15 years old. Sir Bazzel Baz, I never had the chance to properly thank you for saving my life. I will never forget how kind, and caring you were. No matter how I acted. You always had yourself well put together. You worked so hard you and your team. Just to bring me home. Everyone declined to help. Cops, FBI, agents of other teams. But not your team, not you. I thank you for that, and I thank God for that. You are a true man of God. God bless you and every family and child you save. You saved my life. Even when no one else would. Thank you, so much.

I'm certain that you get lots of emails, calls, texts and mail thanking you. But just know, this letter, means a lot to me. And I hope it does to you too. Thank you Lord for sending you my way. Thank you Baz for saving me. And I thank your team for saving me and being by your side the whole time. You all risked your lives to save just one. Thank you so much. I love you all. God bless you all.

With love,
Willow Bradfute

Michael (a father)

Thank you beyond words. I truly thank you for everything really. I thank God for your life...that you are willing to surrender your life so that Light can SHINE in the midst of darkness...and go to places that no one do something no one wants to that Jesus can get the Glory...and show up in the darkest situations. I will be praying for you...your team...strength and the grace to stomach and endure the things you all are exposed to.

I thank God for your team...those amazing people that remain in the shadows where people don't know.... that you all are, the true heroes; being Jesus' feet and hands in a wretched industry to rescue people out of impossible situations.

But Jesus sees each and everyone of you...his angels...his Kingdom truly surrounds you and your team always.

You guys are REMARKABLE

The unknown Heros...

But KNOWN to the King of Glory...the King of Kings.


Your brother for life,

Father of a Survivor

US Department of Defense

Just a note to make contact and to say that it was a privilege meeting you at the Preventing Abuse Conference. Thank-you for all you do in the fight against modern day slavery. I hope our paths cross again some day.

Very respectfully,
Linda Daniels,

CIV DHRA, Program Manager,
Law Enforcement Policy and Support

The Believe In Christ Foundation

ARC is the worthy foundation of my friend, Bazzel Baz. I will support his mission to rescue kidnapped children for the rest of my life… I’m forever thankful for the day Baz asked me one very simple, life-changing question; “so what are you going to do about that?”

from: Brandee Nielsen-Smith
Christian Music Artist/Worship Leader
Child Abuse Advocate and Founder of the BICF

David House Agency

For the Lord!!! Honored to have you stand next to me.

Eric Volz
Managing Director | The David House Agency

NBC Universal

It's hard to pinpoint how to express my sentiments to you but you make people better people, you make a difference impacting lives in profound ways and you definitely make me a better person.

Many thanks,
Karen Abe
Vice President of International Marketing
NBC Universal

RE: Citizens Magazine Article

I'm truly fortunate to know that face very well and the man behind the name. He is someone I pray for and admire. What a breathtaking article in Citizens Magazine. The author did an amazing job piecing together all your accomplishments, while crediting God and your unwavering faith.

She masterfully put the stories I've listened to you tell me, into powerful words. As I was reading I caught myself smiling and even crying a little recalling these conversations. I'm blessed to have been inspired by you daily! It is one thing to read about your missions, it's another to watch you and your team preparing for them. I'm so proud of you for living out your life's mission! The really amazing part is that you do it humbly.

Congrats on your article.
M. Kaempfer

RE: Presentation of Award

I am proud. And for you, sir...WELL DONE!! The world survives as a better place with you on duty

Thank you,
Michael Watkins

Cinematographer, TV Director and Producer.

Preventing Abuse Foundation

Hi Baz, You are a very special person with a unique heart… I will keep you in my prayers and may the message you relay to people open their eyesand step forward to follow your mission.
Please include my company (PHCSI) as one of your supporter for whatever we can participate and be of help to continue your mission. Let me know. Again, it was a pleasure to meet such a wonderful person like what you do!

Penny J. Byram

A R C / B A Z Z E L  B A Z
Awards and Commendations

Hero Nomination on Behalf of Mr. Bazzel Baz and ARC to Great Non-Profits

Commitment is the heart of any charitable organization that strives to foster a cause meant to bring help and hope to one or to many. But often, the underlying fortitude needed to perpetuate an organization’s pledge to its mission may wane over time as those who made the initial commitment lose their passion or become overwhelmed when facing unexpected obstacles or fading support. In the end, the charitable organizations that endure are those created by individuals with extraordinary human spirits and who believe that the impossible does not exist. One such organization is the Association for the Recovery of Children…ARC.

The Association for the Recovery of Children’s mission is straightforward…to return a lost or stolen child to his or her family and home. However, the process undertaken to fulfill this mission is anything but straightforward.

A child rescue may involve plodding through the legal systems of foreign countries. It may require extensive coordination with law enforcement agencies all over the world. Costs to bring about a rescue may entail thousands of dollars. Every child rescue involves precise planning and expert skills by those carrying out the rescue. Most times, dangers exist to the very lives of both the child and rescuers as each step to recovery is painstakingly undertaken. But there is one thing required most of all…love. The families’ love to search out an organization such as ARC for help. The love for children by the men and women who work to find and bring home every lost child that comes under their care. And the love each child grasps onto within his or her heart while waiting and believing someone will be coming to bring him or her home.

The Founder of ARC is a man I know to possess the experience and skills to commit to such a serious undertaking as rescuing lost and stolen children. Mr. Bazzel Baz is a man of honor and integrity. He is a man of love…for God and humankind. And following the lead of Mr. Baz, each member of the teams sent out to bring each child home are gifted in both skills and compassion.

I am able to attest to the qualifications of Mr. Baz and his organization because he protected my life while I was in danger from the effects of a rare brain illness. He protected me with the same level of expertise and compassion he offers to the families and children who come into his care through the Association for the Recovery of Children.

Every child deserves a loving and safe life with his or her family. I ask every person reading this to make a donation to ARC. All child rescues are completed with no charge to the families. Mr. Baz and every team member offer their services without seeking any compensation except the knowledge that a child is finally safe at home.

Submitted by Dr. Bernadette Kutcher

From ARC...Please accept our heartfelt thanks all of you who support ARC's rescue missions, network with ARC, make connections for us, and spread the word to others about ARC's work, we are sincerely grateful to you.