Types of ARC Rescues

ARC provides an all-encompassing child recovery program...


...at NO COST to the custodial guardian(s). Generally ARC's assistance is provided after families or affiliates have exhausted all resources through local, state, federal, and international law enforcement intervention. Through various special relationships within the law enforcement and intelligence communities, ARC has the capability to travel to US and foreign regions on behalf of parents or affiliates to recover their children. As mentioned earlier...
...ARC has 100% success rate. Every child we have gone after, we have brought home.

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ARC goes into the deepest, darkest and most deviant realms of the underground commercial sex trade and criminal enterprise to rescue children who are being held and exploited sexually or otherwise.

We rescue trafficked children who were recruited, lured, runaways, abducted, or even sold by family members into the sex trade. The average life expectancy of a victim in trafficking is 7 years. ARC is well aware that a child's best chance of survival and recovery is an expedient rescue.

Trafficking of children is a form of human trafficking that is defined as the "recruitment, transportation, transfer, harboring, and/or receipt" of a child for the purpose of slavery, forced labor and exploitation. This includes the illegal movement of children for the purposes of any forced activity or sexual exploitation and child exploitation through child pornography.

ARC collaborates with providers of emergency shelter, aftercare and long-term recovery that offer ongoing support and specialized care for survivors of child trafficking.

ARC is inundated daily with cases of children who have been abducted by a parent in violation of existing court custody orders and moved elsewhere in the US or abroad, even to remote parts of the world. Parental abduction is defined as "the concealment, taking, or retention of a child by his parent in violation of the rights of the child's other parent or another family member."

Non-Custodial Parental kidnapping is illegal. It is a criminal act. Parental kidnapping is far more than a dispute regarding custody matters between divorcing parents. It violates the laws of all US states, the District of Columbia, and the Virgin Islands, plus U.S. federal laws and international laws.

Abducted children usually suffer trauma emotionally, psychologically, physically and/or sexually. They are often forced to sever relationships with family and loved ones--sometimes altogether. They are often told the devastating lie that their other parent "doesn't want you anymore" or even that the other parent has died. Most live a life on the run as fugitives, with a changed name, nickname, haircut, dyed hair, and/or change of appearance. They are usually coached not to give their real names or refer to any elements of their real life or relationships. These children are often hidden from the public, and some are not even permitted to attend school or socialize with others.

Because of ARC's heavy caseload, we do not normally act as first responders in cases of kidnapped or missing children. Rather, we encourage parents to first explore and utilize all existing resources at their disposal including law enforcement, and services at the state and federal levels. If those resources are not successful in locating and recovering the missing child, ARC is prepared to engage utilizing specialized expertise, tools and tradecraft.

Many cases of kidnapping or missing children are referred to ARC through collaborative relationships with law enforcement, homeland security, FBI and other non-profit organizations.

ARC has a message for child traffickers, exploiters and pedophiles...


All donations go directly to fund rescue operations