A Sampling Of Past ARC Rescues

The following mission summaries are permitted to provide real-life
examples of ARC's different kinds of child recovery operations.

Most accounts of ARC's rescue missions cannot be told publicly out of consideration for the safety and privacy of the survivor and their family. In most cases it is healthier for them to re-establish a normal life without their story going public. Certainly sometimes when a child is missing it is advantageous to use the public and the press/media to assist in the search. However, ARC keeps in mind that this method has a tendency to make the child "famous" long-term for a traumatic and possibly humiliating episode of their life. As much as possible ARC ensures that survivors are not viewed in light of what has happened to them, but are instead defined by the nature of who they are.

James – 2017


James had been kidnapped from his father in the US at age 8, taken to Cambodia and threatened with death if his father tried to rescue him. ARC wishes to thank the following people who assisted with James' successful rescue: members of the Cambodian Government/Law enforcement/Immigration, members of the Cambodian Private Sector, the US Embassy, members of the ExPat Private Sector, the Airde Group, members of the US-based Private Sector, members of the Intelligence Community and our strategic partner Eagle Eye Security.

Shirley-Fontana – 2017 


An American mother and three American-born children were victimized for many years by an abusive, but wealthy and powerful, South American husband and father. The father was charged with several counts of domestic violence and abuse. After the parents divorced, the mother was awarded custody of the children. However, the father, was able to capture the children and hold them against their will in South America. The children remained in an abusive situation for several years without contact with their mother until she sought help from ARC. In a successful international rescue, the children and mother were all brought safely back home to the US.

Gang-Trafficked at 15 – 2017


A 15-year-old girl went missing from the high desert area of Southern California and was trafficked by Crips gang members. The discovery of her location can be credited almost entirely to a skillful social media investigation. In a joint rescue between SERT Ministries and ARC, and with less-than-enthusiastic assistance from law enforcement (who were embattled over jurisdictional boundaries), the victim was successfully rescued from a Crips hold-out in Compton.

Trafficked at 17 – 2017


A joint rescue between ARC and SERT Ministries brought an underage girl back to her parents in a case that was highly-publicized in the news. The victim had been abducted in Las Vegas and trafficked for a few weeks in different states before our joint rescue team, in collaboration with LAPD Wilshire Division, were able to surround the residence where she was being held in Los Angeles County, rescue her, and return her to her parents.

Houser Boys – 2016


According to our intelligence, Chad Houser and his mother Peggy Houser blazed a corruptible path through the United States and foreign countries stealing money from individuals and institutions. In February 2016 they illegally abducted Harrison (age 2)and Pierce (age 1) from their legal custodial guardian (mother) Jordana Houser. In a joint operation between ARC and the Swiss Police, the children were recovered on 10 June 2016.  Peggy Houser was detained while Chad Houser escaped apprehension.  A warrant for Chad and Peggy Houser's arrest is currently in effect in the U.S.

Kalista – 2014


A teenage girl, Kalista, and her younger boy cousin were abducted from Ohio to Durango, Mexico by an adult relative. The boy was held for ransom and then released to return to his mother in the US, but Kalista was abandoned in an area largely controlled by cartels and known for prostitution and violent crime. Although Kalista's mother had lost custody of her due to drug addiction, her aunt in the US fought for custody and was able to keep contact with Kalista via social media well enough to assist ARC in accomplishing a successful recovery. ARC operators safely returned Kalista home to her family.

Willow Bradfute – 2011


Nine-year-old Willow Bradfute was illegally transported and held 6 months for ransom in Mexico August 2011 by her non-custodial mother and Colombian boyfriend, both convicted drug traffickers with prison time.

ARC spearheaded a coalition of operators from within its ranks, members of Eagle Eye Security and Templar Titan to safely recover the child. Special thanks to DOS Citizen Services for expediting entry back into the U.S.

Ashley Ricks – 2011


Under dangerous and unpredictable circumstances ARC was successful in extracting Ashley Ricks from her captors in the Philippines and ensuring the safe return to her custodial father Mr. Anthony Ricks.

Kobe Rubin – 2008
(The Tiffany Rubin Story)


In March of 2008 ARC orchestrated, commanded and led operations on the ground to recover Kobe Rubin from his kidnapper in S. Korea. Baz’s step-by-step instructions and direct oversight at the side of the mother throughout the entire operation provided a seamless extraction to the U.S. Embassy in Seoul and eventually to the United States.

You may have seen the behind the scenes documentary, “Beyond the Headlines” on how Bazzel Baz conducted this mission, which is the true story behind Lifetime’s “Taken from Me" – The Tiffany Ruben Story

Hanson / Sykes – 2004


The child in the photo is Shannon Sykes. She was kidnapped by her non-custodial grandmother and non-custodial father. They evaded law enforcement for two years. ARC recovered the child in twelve days. Special thanks and recognition to the Madison County Sheriff’s Department North Carolina, Mars Hill Police Department North Carolina, McDowell County Sheriff’s Office North Carolina, Black Mountain Police Department North Carolina, and Flowery Branch Police Department Georgia, for their cooperation, assistance and dedication to the success of this recovery.

Lily Snyder – 2003


The child in the photo is Lilly Snyder. She was kidnapped by her non-custodial father (prior felon) with assistance from her half-brother and taken to Costa Rica, Central America. Despite a three-year investigation by authorities, ARC safely recovered the child (photo) in ten days.

Abandoned Girls - 1991


The two girls in the middle of the picture are the left-behind children of an American engineer who evacuated the country of Somalia during the Civil War. They were rescued by ARC from the outskirts of a French Foreign Legion camp and returned to their mother (right). An American aide worker (left) was instrumental in providing transitional assistance to an orphanage operating in the war zone. ARC salutes the bravery of this American aide worker wherever she may now be.


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